Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

In The Year Of The Rooster, 2017 “The Early Bird Gets The Worm”.

Yet, there is no need to arrive early, if you are already present!


The Chinese Year of The Rooster comes around once every twelve years and is not only the first herald of spring but of a new year pregnant with opportunity and success as well as misunderstandings and potential skirmishes.   In the year of The Fire Rooster, the sages warn that we must prepare ourselves for “a period of immense changes” while at the same time, we must note that the Rooster crows at first light bringing hope and the potential for transformation.

The Rooster calls to attention a time for meaningful and harmonious action. We must unite in the present moment where there is room enough for all to stand in the center ~ at no cost to the next. This is the place where fellowship, peace and opportunity abound and is otherwise lost if we choose to bury our heads in the sand. However, to act without forethought will only lead to conflict and exhaustion.  Therefore, it is advantageous to arrive with a practical plan that is sincere and adheres to good old fashion values and common sense.