Year Of The Rat Signals The Dawn Of A New Day

Artwork by S. Didato

The Rat leads us into a new twelve-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.   The first astrological sign, the Rat has the reputation of being cunning, clever and shrewd, but is also known to be clear-sighted, perceptive and insightful.  What this means for the astrological forecast is that we can look forward to a year of successful new beginnings when drawing from the resources of the Rat.  More specifically, the Yang-Metal Rat combines the healthy attributes of the Metal Element such as strength and courage with the creative force of Yang energy for a productive year that will support positive new ventures as well as fresh starts in our personal lives.

The combination of Yang-Metal will also be helpful to find the balance necessary to stay centered and grounded in 2020. While the dynamic nature of Yang energy will often cause us to make hasty decisions the sensitivity of the Rat and the positive attributes of the Metal element will remind us to be patient.  Allowing the dust to settle before rushing into anything can be likened to the rising sun, which is steady and has no need to rush to its zenith or apologize to the previous night.

The year of the rat contains the qualities of the sunrise with the potential of the dawn contained within ~ making it the perfect time to seek new opportunities, start new projects and tackle our personal goals.  To ensure success in the year of the rat is to have reverence for every moment ~ to see that all of life is sacred.  As with Sun Salutations in the Yogic Tradition, to greet each day with gratitude ~ no matter our circumstance helps keep our focus on what we have to offer.  Whether great or small, any act of kindness has the potential to illuminate our lives and the lives of others uniting us in peace and love.


The Astrological Chinese New Year began February 4th, 2020.




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