Therapeutic Qigong

Qigong is a form of exercise with its roots in Chinese medicine. Qi (chi) translates as vital energy or life force while gong can be described as accomplishment derived from skilled practice. Therefore, Qigong is a ‘life force’ in training.  Qi is the energy or natural life force found in all living things. Gong in terms of the effort involved in the acquisition of any skill requires time and focus to master.  The main purpose of qigong is to support the physical life force in the body through the exchange of Qi between the internal and external environment.  Through this exchange, health is maintained by continuously introducing and circulating fresh Qi, like oxygen to the blood, in the body.  Regular practice helps to maintain the natural state of balance and energy in the body that is essential to life.

Spring. Didato, 2013

Therapeutic Qigong

Both Tai Chi and Qigong refer directly to the art of moving meditation and have the potential to maintain good health, cure illness, and regulate emotions.  Each method of qigong employs specific postures and movements designed to provide specific therapeutic benefits through consistent effort.  This class will introduce fundamental concepts and principles essential to supporting overall health and well-being using easy-to-follow movements, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques.  Basic exercises and seasonal Qigong sets will emphasize balance, alignment, grace, and ease of movement as well as healing practices.  Whether you drop in for one class or commit to a whole session the healing benefits of qigong will only deepen with practice.  New beginners and all levels are welcome!


Qigong for Health and Healing 

Monday Evening on Falls River, S.Didato, 2019.

Fall Session

Autumn is the season corresponding to the Metal Element and represents the Harvest time of the year in which the cool, dry air signals us to gather our essential resources in preparation for the Winter. In the chapter on the “Art of Life”, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine instructs us to “remain calm and peaceful” as dwelling in grief and depression, the “emotion of the lung”, will make it difficult to transition into winter. Instead, one must “gather one’s spirit and energy” and strengthen the lung qi to “keep the lung energy full clean and quiet”.

In this session we will incorporate seasonal Qigong sets into our practice that are particularly effective at strengthening the immune system and improving respiratory and cardiovascular function. Qigong is excellent for maintaining health and conditioning in small spaces.  All levels are welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Regularly scheduled classes have been postponed indefinitely ~ For information regarding corporate or private options, please contact the instructor.