Five Virtues Qigong

Devil's Hopyard, 2005, Didato

Devil’s Hopyard, Didato, 2005.

The Nature and Virtue of the Five Elements

for self-healing, relaxation & rejuvenation~ 

The Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth represent the fundamental qualities of nature.  Best defined by the cycles of nature, each element has specific attributes that affect the harmony and balance of the organ systems which they govern.  Just as the weather causes the perpetual change of the seasons, the elements respond to internal and external conditions resulting in various climates that are reflected in our physical, emotional and mental states.  By observing the cause and effect of these various conditions, the health of each elemental system can be determined and, most important, can be balanced and regulated through holistic means such as meditation, exercise and nutrition. This class will employ specific Tai Chi and Qigong practices designed to restore balance and bring us back into harmony with our own true nature.  The Basic Principles will be introduced along with methods of breathing and other techniques for meditation and mindfulness.

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Canfield, Deep River, CT. Didato, 2008. 

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Part 1      Metal ~ Liberate the Self

Part 2      The Wisdom of Water

Part 3      Wood – Creative Expression

Part 4      Fire – The Noble Heart

Part  5     Earth ~ Finding Peace in Harmony

Concluding with the application and continuous flow of the 5 Constant Virtues