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 ~ Welcome ~ 

Prayer for Peace

May I be at peace.
May the world be at peace.
May I have an open heart.
May we all have an open heart.
May I know the beauty of my true nature.
May we all know the beauty of our true nature.
May I be healed. 
May we all be healed.
May my life be a gift of peace in the world.          
May we all serve as a gift of peace to each other.
Within each heart, there is a place of peace.
May we each live from that place,
And thus we are healed into the heart of peace.

                                          ~ Marina Raye 1999

Please Note:

All Classes and Workshops have been postponed.

Until then please do your best to Shelter-in-Place
Though, I encourage you to step outside and
practice your qigong in nature ~

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