Tai Chi Basics

This class will focus on the Basic Principles of Tai Chi Chuan emphasizing postural alignment, balance, whole-body movement, methods of breathing, and other essential concepts specific to the art.  Rooted in the concept that a solid foundation creates the basis for all subsequent learning, sessions I and II are designed to help develop one’s sensibilities and skills through correct practice.  Each session is comprised of specific exercise sets and practical short forms that establish the groundwork necessary to allow students to develop their practice at their own pace. This course may also involve learning some advanced techniques for meditation and energy cultivation to refine our practice and increase sensitivity. Lastly, the major styles of Tai Chi Chuan will also be introduced. NOTE: The completion of Sessions I and II act as a prerequisite to promote new students to our advanced classes in Tai Chi Chuan.


World Tai Chi Day Waterford, CT 2010

World Tai Chi Day Waterford, CT 2010

In Session I, we will focus on the basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan as well as the classic silk-reeling exercises of the Chan Ssu Chin.  Along with their practical applications, we will learn new training methods to strengthen our foundation and gain an understanding of the core concepts that are fundamental to the art.

Alternately, in Session II, we will continue our practice of silk-reeling exercises and walking qigong sets. In addition, we will learn a short form along with new training methods to include the Thirteen Postures of Tai Chi Chuan, which combine various stances and movements essential to Tai Chi form.  Classes are progressive and run in eight-week sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: Regularly scheduled classes have been postponed indefinitely ~ For information regarding corporate or private options, please contact the instructor.