Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

The Rabbit symbolizes peace, hope and prosperity in Chinese astrology.  The Rabbit is influenced by the Element of Water (in 2023) which carries the potential for fluidity in nurturing relationships, building bridges to make connections, and bringing new opportunities in business and travel.  Water Rabbit suggests going with the flow and directs us to enjoy the company of our friends and families!  At the same time, rabbit cautions us not to get caught up in the tide causing us to avoid our commitments.  Instead, the nature of the rabbit signals us to stay alert, trust our intuition, and adapt to each moment putting thought into action to complete projects and reach outstanding goals for a successful year.

Connecticut World Tai Chi Day ALERT: Rain Re-Schedule, Worldwide Wave on Zoom

Design by Lynn Bywater 2023

We’re going to re-schedule

We’ve been watching Saturday’s forecast get rainier and rainier (and windier!). Without a shelter location, we’re going to reschedule our event, as outlined below.

This seems the best balance of still being together for Saturday’s worldwide healing wave, and still offering a great program day for people to enjoy.    

~ Worldwide Healing Wave on Zoom ~

Saturday, April 29th, 9:45am  –

 Please use link below:



For our Full Outdoor Program see Rain Date below: 

Saturday, May 20th2023

10:00am – 3:00pm

Colchester Town Green   

We are postponing our in-person event to the above date, and will run our full program according to the original schedule. 

PLEASE VISIT our website for online calendar and updated information: https://connecticuttaichi.us/